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The Age of Renaissance (1550-1600)

The Age of Renaissance or The Age of Shakespeare or The Elizabethan Period is considered as "The Golden Age", especially in the history of English Literature, because of some reasons, such as:

During the Elizabethan age, England was a nest of singing birds. The song was everywhere, in the street, in the court, and on the stage. Everybody wrote lyrics, down from the flowery courtier to the man in the street. It was the age in which the writers were free to write so that there were abundant productions in every branch of literature; literary works reached their prosperity.

There was a Renaissance (revival or rebirth or reawakening) of ancient Greek and Roman literature, mythology and culture, and this served as a source of inspiration to the countless writers of the period. The Renaissance came to full flowering.

There was also an awakening of the human mind to the vastness, beauty and wonder of the world. It was the age of great discovery; the discovery of America and the voyag…