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Master's Program in English Literature, UISU, Medan

Master's Program in English Literature Department of English Literature Islamic University of North Sumatra Medan Jl. Sisingamangaraja Teladan Medan 20217 Phone/Fax: 061-7869911 E-mail: This department is provided with modern and sophisticated facilities: 1. Computerized Language Laboratory. 2. Modern Language laboratory equipeped with LCD. 3. Specialized library providing a good collection of books in English Literature and Linguistics. 4. Full air conditioned class-rooms. 5. Classess are supported by OHP and LCD (computer projector) 6. Coffee and tea are regularly available on self-service. 7. An accreditted journal on a relevant field as a scientivic media called "JULISA" = "Journal on Linguistics and Literature".

Review on Thomas Jeffrson's "First Inaugural Address"

First Inaugural (1801) by Thomas Jefferson
In 1797 George Washington had turned over the reins of government to John Adams, the second president of the United States. But Adams was a Federalist, a member of the same political party as Washington, and so in many ways the transition was seen more as the passing of office from a monarch to the heir. But the election of 1800 was bitterly contested, and the Republicans, led by Thomas Jefferson of Virginia, clearly won at the polls. Due to a technical complication unforeseen by the framers of the Constitution, however, the election was thrown into the House of Representatives.
The Constitution called for the electors in each state to cast two ballots, one for their presidential choice and one for the vice presidency. The framers had clearly intended that the person with the most ballots would be the president, and the runner-up the vice president. But by 1800 political parties had formed, and Jefferson ran with Aaron Burr of New York as a te…