Master's Program in English Literature, UISU, Medan

Master's Program in English Literature
Department of English Literature
Islamic University of North Sumatra
Jl. Sisingamangaraja Teladan Medan 20217
Phone/Fax: 061-7869911 E-mail:
This department is provided with modern and sophisticated facilities:
1. Computerized Language Laboratory.
2. Modern Language laboratory equipeped with LCD.
3. Specialized library providing a good collection of books in English Literature and Linguistics.
4. Full air conditioned class-rooms.
5. Classess are supported by OHP and LCD (computer projector)
6. Coffee and tea are regularly available on self-service.
7. An accreditted journal on a relevant field as a scientivic media called "JULISA" = "Journal on Linguistics and Literature".


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